Thursday, 4 January 2007

Got 10.4.9 yet?

Does anyone out there have Mac OS X version 10.4.9 yet?

To date, it's only been released to developers. If that's you and you have a GPS-CS1, could you please let us know if it mounts as a removable drive? We're hoping that when it is released to the general public, that it will fix our problem with lack of Mac support for this device.

Everyone else, let us know when you get 10.4.9 as a software update.


Connor Sites-Bowen said...

I just got the Cybershot as a christmas present, and have run into the exact problems this blog discusses. I was very happy to find this blog, and to find it recently and consistantly updated- now I know I'm not alone.

You can read my whole post about my issues with the GPS-CS1 here.

Thanks so much for maintaining this blog!


Stephen said...

You're welcome Connor.

Rumour has it (one rumour among many) that 10.4.9 contains updates required for new kit to be announced at Macworld on Tuesday - and therefore that 10.4.9 will be released shortly afterwards.

I'll be away from my Mac at the time if that happens, so if it does then please could someone try it out and post the result here.


Stephen said...

Some 10.4.9 news

A new beta version of 10.4.9 for PPC and Intel has been released to developers.

If 10.4.9 does contain necessary wireless fixes for the new Airport Extreme 802.11n and for the Apple TV (see previous comment) then it may not be publicly released until February.

Stephen said...

Quick update:

Since the last update there have been two more beta versions of 10.4.9 seeded to developers - the latest being 8P2122 (Intel)/8P122(PPC), released today.

The number of fixed issues and known issues is down on previous versions, so this could be very close to a public release.