Wednesday, 18 April 2007

GPS-CS1 for PPC Macs - way forward?

Apple have released the source code for Mac OS X 10.4.9. Now the source code for Intel and PPC versions of IOUSBMassStorageClass are the same for 10.4.8, so presumably the Intel source code for IOUSBMassStorageClass version 1.4.7 (part of 10.4.9) can be compiled on a Power PC Mac. If so it might be possible to install the executable as a custom kext (having backed up the original, obviously) and thereby add GPS-CS1 support.

Is there anyone out there with a Power PC and Xcode who's willing and able to try this out for us?


pierre said...

Has anyone tried the GPS-CS1 with LoadMyTracks on a PPC?

I would like to buy my mother a GPS, but it would have to work with her PowerBook.

Stephen said...

Pierre, I've tried it and it didn't work for me. I think because the PPC tries to mount the GPS-CS1 and fails, LoadMyTracks can't access it once it has failed.

George said...

Hi Stephen, I built and installed the 10.4.9 version of IOUSBMassStorageClass but my PowerBook still didn't recognize the GPS-CS1. Could it be there are other kexts which are required?

Stephen said...

George, possibly also