Thursday, 29 May 2008

Fixed! GPS-CS1 and 10.5.3

Apple have confirmed that the latest Mac OS X Leopard release, 10.5.3, fixes the GPS-CS1 support issue. If you raised a bug with Apple reporting this issue, you should have an official response.

Readers of this site have also confirmed that both Intel and PPC versions of 10.5.3 now support the Sony GPS-CS1.

So... if you are a PPC user, upgrade to 10.5.3. If you have an Intel Mac, Leopard owners should upgrade to 10.5.3. Tiger owners may wish to try the previously reported workaround.


Ledina said...

Excellent news.

Successfully working on a Powerbook G4 10.5.3 now too.

Perhaps it is time to start promoting the GPS-CS1 on this site as an excellent GPS device for the mac now :-)

Mark @ said...


I was getting tired of starting WMWare Fusion and my virtual Vista PC just to mount my CS1.


gps promo said...

nice info, friend!
But can you explain more details ?
Maybe in step by step article..

Antiorario said...

No step by step needed. Just plug it into one of your Mac's USB ports and it appears as a USB drive on the Desktop.
I also noticed that it's writable – didn't it use to be read-only?

Sebastian D. Szyszka said...

That's ecellent news! Now what software is available to actually embed the coordinates in the images' EXIF?

Sebastian D. Szyszka said...

Never mind, discovered the almighty SIDE BAR... :/

Anonymous said...

I get the device to mount. However, all I see is a folder called GPS with nothing in it.

... Any thoughts?

Antiorario said...

Maybe it didn't record any data? Are you sure it picked up a signal?

rakerman said...

Just as a side note, the new Sony GPS-CS3KA mounts fine on a Mac, I tested it with Mac OS X 10.4.11, see my posting Sony GPS-CS3 is a Mac compatible GPS logger.

Anonymous said...


sandhiya said...

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